Unsigned Senior and Underclassmen Showcase held at Independence High School

A local high school was used to showcase athletes from West Virginia and beyond.

By Clayton McChesney – WVVA
Published: Feb. 18, 2024 at 9:33 PM CST
SOPHIA, W. Va. (WVVA) – The Unsigned Senior and Underclassmen Showcase has been held at different locations for a decade. With this year’s being held at Independence High School, this is their third time holding the event in West Virginia. More than one hundred and fifty students traveled from across West Virginia and other states to show off their football skills for an audience of fifteen college football teams from across America.

“It’s an awesome thing getting the community in. People from out of state are coming in for it…” says Andrew Bryson, a local student from Independence High School, “…There’s people here from… just here… from Ohio, North Carolina, all over West Virginia…”

This showcase is the creation of David Riley and Glenn Deveaux, two former football players. They wanted to give all student athletes the chance to show their football skills to a variety of teams by having the coaches go to the players rather than the players going to the coaches.


Brandon Johnson-Duke<br />
Sean Martin- WVU<br />
Alex McLaughlin- Illinois<br />
Aaron Fenimore- Liberty<br />
Kedrick Bingley- UNC<br />
Keiondre Jones- FSU<br />
Michael Gonzales- Louisville<br />
Malik Mustapha- Wake
Brandon Johnson – Duke
Sean Martin – WVU
Alex McLaughlin – Illinois
Aaron Fenimore – Liberty
Kedrick Bingley – UNC
Keiondre Jones – FSU
Michael Gonzales – Louisville
Malik Mustapha – Wake Forest