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Elite Sport Camps & Combines (ESCC) is an organization dedicated to developing integrity, discipline and classroom excellence while using sports as a conduit to reach children ages 11-18.

ESCC will achieve this by hosting sport camps and offer SAT/ACT prep courses.  These events will be localized one region at a time beginning in Southeastern United States.  We will utilize our relationships with the National Football League Players Association and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to provide coaches and instructors for the training.

We are committed to selecting the top coaches of fundamentals, character and psychology.  They will make concerted efforts to get to know each student athlete and maximize their God-given abilities on the field and in the classroom; always with a positive message to reinforce their individual learning styles.


We have been blessed to have Glenn Deveaux as a part of our family for the last two years.  Our children are like so many other sets of siblings—one may be fast and highly coordinated, while another may be slower, but stronger.  Glenn identified the strength areas in each of our kids and refined them.  At the same time, the weak areas were worked harder until they were strength areas for our kids.

From an athletic standpoint, Glenn’s sessions have been life-changing for our children.  For example, Glenn worked with an uncoordinated 10 year old boy and turned him into a “beast” linebacker with quick feet.  He now plays linebacker, kick team, and offensive line on his football team.  Glenn worked with my shy 7 year old daughter all summer. Now she’s a speed-machine go-getter, and she adores her coach!

The greatest gift we have received from Glenn is how he has helped instill self confidence in our children.  In an era where every kid gets a trophy, it is so important for a child to actually work hard and earn the right to say they did a good job.  Throughout Speed and Agility Training, we could see the hard work pay off.  More importantly, Glenn taught our kids another way to link hard work and great reward.  We can see just how much Glenn cares about our kids and how personally vested he is in their successes.

We cannot put into words how grateful we are to Glenn; for the self confidence and determination instilled in our children.  From our eldest son to our youngest daughter he has shown them that they can accomplish whatever goal they desire, whether on the field or in the classroom.  Choosing Elite has been one of the best decisions we have made for our children. Thank you Glenn for all you do for our children.  The Freeman family will always be grateful.

Freeman Family

Our son Mitchel has been working out with Elite Sports (Coach Glenn Deveaux) for over a year in his conditioning program for his sport of choice, football.  Elite Sports takes your child/teen and helps them to raise their level of speed, footwork, agility, strength, endurance and most of all confidence.  Elite cares about your child/teen work ethics…every step, push-up, sit-up, up/down…helps them to grow immensely.   Now that we will be moving on to our next sport of wrestling, we will continue to work with Elite Sports to take him to the next level.  Our son is a better athletic, but more important a better person because of the guidance of Elite Sports.


Phil & Michele R.

Elite provides an amazing workout for both my daughter (age 10) and my son (age 14).  I can go on and on about how Glenn Deveaux transformed my teenager from an eager lump of clay into a steady, reliable smart football player who starts on his 8th grade team every week.  I can tell everyone how my daughter has refused to work out with any other speed and agility coach and never complains about training.  However, you’ll see that kind of stuff for yourself the first time you watch Glenn work with your child.  And I’m sure you’ll read many other testimonials that detail his great results.

What I want you to know is that my family is very blessed to have a man like Coach Deveaux in our kids’ lives.  He is an excellent role model for them both and coaches them with integrity and extreme caring in all situations.  He is a leader, a solid man of admirable character and a focused mentor.  My children are better for knowing him.  There aren’t many other coaches or teachers who have had such a positive impact on our lives.  Thank you, Elite!

Donna M.